LOWER SHOSHONE – Flows are around 3000 cfs and the river is very off color. It will be awhile before the reservoir settles out and the river clears up enough to fish.

BIG HORN / WIND – Flows are around 2200 cfs. Fishing has been good. Cicadas, Yellow Sallies, hoppers, caddis, tricos, worms, sow bugs, and crawdads.

NORTH FORK – The river is still big but flows are dropping and the river is now fishable all the way down to the
reservoir. Nymphing big stoneflies or tossing streamers in the soft water will produce the most fish, but cicadas and golden stones are out and have been catching a few trout on top.

SOUTH FORK – Flows are still big but dropping with better water clarity up by Valley. Cicadas, golden stones, and
beadhead nymphs in sizes 12-16.

CLARK’S FORK – Flows are dropping but the river is still very dirty.

GREYBULL / WOOD – The Greybull is fishable up in the forest and the Wood is clear. Nymph stoneflies or toss a hopper/dropper with bead head nymphs in size 12-16.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Rusty spinners and egg laying caddis on the Madison. PMD’s on the Firehole above Midway Geyser Basin in the mornings. Salmonflies and golden stones on the Yellowstone River.

NEWTON LAKES – Chironomids, callibaetis, damsels, scuds, leeches, ants and beetles.

LUCE/HOGAN RESERVOIRS – Chironomids, callibaetis, damsels, scuds, leeches, ants and beetles.

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