LOWER SHOSHONE – Flows are around 1250 cfs. Clarity is a touch off but fishable all the way down to Corbett Bridge and fishing has been good! Look for heads up on yellow sally’s and caddis. There’s a few fish up on hoppers and a yellow sally, perdigon or jig soft hackle dropper underneath has been working well on the edges. Streamers have also been very productive.

BIG HORN / WIND – Flows are around 1350 cfs. The moss is manageable and the fishing remains good. PMD’s, yellow sally’s and tricos are hatching. Nymph or throw a hopper/dropper rig with perdigons, sow bugs, crawdads and worms.

NORTH FORK – The river is closed to fishing below Newton Creek until July 1st!  Flows are dropping and the clarity is great above the closure. Find the soft seems and edges, as well as tailouts in the afternoons, and you will find the fish. Golden stones are popping and a hopper/dropper rig or nymphing stoneflies like rubber legs, 20 inchers, halfbacks, mega princes, and two bit stones as well as jig soft hackles have been working well. Streamer fishing has also been good. Go heavy on your leader and tippet (0X-2X)!

SOUTH FORK – Starting to clear up by Valley but still high and dirty all the way up above the forest boundary down to the reservoir confluence.

CLARK’S FORK – The upper river is clear above Sunlight and Crandall Creeks. Below the canyon the river is dropping and has a few feet of visibility. Salmonflies, golden stones and caddis are popping and the fish are looking up. Dropping a rubber legs below a chubby has been picking up fish. Streamer fishing has been good as well.

GREYBULL / WOOD – The Greybull is starting to clear and the Wood is fishing well. Nymph or throw a hopper/dropper rig with smaller stoneflies and beadheads. Attractor dries will get some attention on the surface.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – The Firehole is done until the water cools off again in the fall. Flows in the NE corner on Slough Creek, Soda Butte Creek and the Lamar River are dropping. Golden stones, salmonflies, caddis and PMD’s are hatching. Yellowstone Lake has been fishing well with streamers and leeches.

NEWTON LAKES – East Newton is still very full. Midges, damsels, callibaetis, boatmen, scuds and leeches.

LUCE / HOGAN RESERVOIRS – Midges, damsels, callibaetis, boatmen, scuds, leeches, ants, beetles and attractors.

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