LOWER SHOSHONE-Flows are 3500 cfs. Off color but fishable from the dam downstream. Streamers on the banks!

BIG HORN-Flows are 5000 cfs. Bridges downstream of 8th Street are impassable at these flows! Yellow sallies, caddis, cranefly larva, crawdads, leeches, worms and streamers.

NORTH FORK-Closed to fishing downstream of Newton Creek until July 1st! Golden stones, caddis, large stonefly nymphs, streamers, eggs and worms.

SOUTH FORK-Golden stones, caddis, large stonefly nymphs and streamers.

CLARK’S FORK-Salmon flies are popping below the diversion and will make their way upstream the next several days. Golden stones and caddis are out as well. Large stonefly nymphs and streamers will work best on the edges where the clarity is a little better.

GREYBULL/WOOD-Golden stones, caddis, ants, beetles and beadhead nymphs.

YELLOWSTONE PARK-Good clarity and flows on the Firehole, Gibbon and Madison. Salmon flies, baetis, Millers caddis, PMD’s and soft hackles.

NEWTON LAKES-Scuds, chironomids, callibaetis, damsels and leeches.

LUCE/HOGAN-Scuds, chironomids, callibaetis, damsels, ants, beetles and leeches.

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