LOWER SHOSHONE – Flows are around 265 cfs and fishing has been great recently all the way down to Willwood! The water is really clear with the exception of Sulphur and Sage Creeks dumping in a little color on the warmer days as the lower elevation snow melts. Blue winged olives and midges are popping and have the trout looking up. Nymphing a sow bug, midge larva or blue wing nymph has also been effective. Streamers, especially when floating, are always a good option.

BIG HORN / WIND – Flows are around 700 cfs and fishing has been fantastic even with the high volume of boat traffic! You can head hunt for risers on blue winged olives and midges but a sow bug, blue wing nymph, midge larva, worm, or egg under a bobber will produce the most fish. Streamers have also been picking up some nice fish lately.

NORTH FORK – Checked the river out yesterday down in the state park and while the ice has collapsed on the river, the flows are still very low and off color. There’s still some ice on the reservoir between the dust dike and the south side boat ramp but once that melts, we should start to see the first trout push their way up the river. The sub zero temps this week will certainly slow things down but with temps forecast to be in the 40-50 degree range again by this weekend, it’s looking like it’s possible we will again be fishing the North Fork by the middle of the month!

SOUTH FORK – Low and clear in the Valley section. Midges, stonefly & attractor nymphs and streamers.

CLARK’S FORK – Low and clear with shelf ice in spots. There’s more open water below the hatchery. Midges, stonefly & attractor nymphs and streamers.

GREYBULL / WOOD – Low and cold with shelf ice in spots.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Closed to fishing until Memorial Day Weekend 2022!


LUCE / HOGAN RESERVOIRS – Both lakes have alternated between open and frozen the past couple weeks. Fishing has been slow. Midges, scuds and leeches.

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