LOWER SHOSHONE – Flows are 565 cfs. Quite a bit of moss breaking free from the bump in flows a few days ago. Sulphur, Cottonwood, and Sage Creeks are dumping in color but it’s still fishable down to Corbett Bridge. Muddy below Dry Creek and Penney Gulch. Midges, baetis, sow bugs, leeches and streamers.

BIG HORN – Flows are 1050 cfs. Midges, baetis, sow bugs, Ray Charles, leeches and streamers.

NORTH FORK – The river channel is open almost all the way into the reservoir. There was a bump in flows last weekend with the warm temps but not quite enough to get the trout running yet…but it won’t be long! Stoneflies, March Browns and streamers!

SOUTH FORK – Fishing has been really good with midges, stoneflies, March Browns, beadhead nymphs and streamers by Valley School.

CLARK’S FORK – Open and clear above Paint and Pat O’Hara Creeks. Midges, stoneflies, beadhead nymphs and streamers by the Hatchery.

GREYBULL / WOOD – Starting to thaw. Midges, stoneflies, and beadhead nymphs.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Closed to fishing until Memorial Day weekend 2020.

NEWTON LAKES – Frozen. Both reservoirs are incredibly full.

LUCE/HOGAN RESERVOIRS – Both lakes are open. Lots of anglers at Hogan already. Midges, scuds and leeches.

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