LOWER SHOSHONE-Flows are 1400 cfs. Off color but fishable. Baetis, midges, sow bugs, leeches, swinging soft hackles and stripping streamers have been working well!

BIG HORN-Flows are 1000 cfs. Baetis, midges, Ray Charles, soft hackles, cranefly larva, crawdads, leeches and streamers.

NORTH FORK-Closed to fishing below Newton Creek until July 1st! Anglers are finding some fish above the closure and the water is clear. Streamers, March browns, eggs, worms, caddis larva, midges and stoneflies!

SOUTH FORK- Midges, march browns, caddis larva, stoneflies and streamers.

CLARK’S FORK- Midges, stoneflies and streamers.

GREYBULL/WOOD-Midges, beadhead nymphs and stoneflies.

YELLOWSTONE PARK-Closed to fishing until Memorial Day Weekend 2019!

NEWTON LAKES-Look for cruisers on the edges eating scuds, midges and leeches!

LUCE/HOGAN-Scuds, midges and leeches.

UPPER/LOWER SUNSHINE- Scuds, midges and leeches.

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