LOWER SHOSHONE-Flows are 1400 cfs. Off color but fishable. Baetis, midges, sow bugs, leeches, swinging soft hackles and stripping streamers have been working well!

BIG HORN-Flows are 1000 cfs. Baetis, midges, Ray Charles, soft hackles, cranefly larva, crawdads, leeches and streamers.

NORTH FORK-Closed to fishing below Newton Creek until July 1st! Off color but fishable above the closure. Streamers, March browns, eggs, worms, caddis larva, midges and stoneflies!

SOUTH FORK-Clear. Midges, march browns, caddis larva, stoneflies and streamers.

CLARK’S FORK-Fishable. March Browns, midges, stoneflies and streamers.

GREYBULL/WOOD-Midges, ants, beetles, beadhead nymphs and stoneflies.

YELLOWSTONE PARK-Closed to fishing until Memorial Day Weekend 2019!

NEWTON LAKES-Look for cruisers on the edges eating scuds, midges and leeches!

LUCE/HOGAN-Scuds, midges, ants, beetles and leeches.

UPPER/LOWER SUNSHINE- Scuds, midges, leeches and crawdads.

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