LOWER SHOSHONE – Flows are around 1450 cfs and it’s a little green but fishable. Clarity is better above Cottonwood, Sage and Idaho Creeks. Midges, blue winged olives, sow bugs, worms, beadhead nymphs in size 14-20 and streamers.

BIG HORN / WIND – Flows are around 3000 cfs and fishing has been good. Blue winged olives, midges, worms, sow bugs and streamers.

NORTH FORK – The river is now CLOSED to fishing downstream of Newton Creek until July 1st. The river is low and clear above the closure. Starting to hear of a few trout being caught this past weekend. Few Skwalas as well as winter stones flying around. Big stonefly nymphs likes rubber legs, purple 20 Inchers, yuk bugs, hot head pheasant tails, halfbacks, Mega Princes, and Two Bit Stones as well as soft hackle beadheads and eggs in the slowest deepest runs will work well. Streamers, whether swung or stripped will also produce.

SOUTH FORK – Water quality is better up in Valley but it’s fishable all the way to the reservoir. Midges, blue winged olives, winter stones, March Browns and Skwalas on top. Nymph stonefly and beadhead nymphs in size 10-16. Streamers are a good option to target trout and weed off the whitefish.

CLARK’S FORK – Water quality is better above Paint and Pat O’Hara Creeks towards the canyon mouth but fishable all the way to the state line. Hatches are midges, blue winged olives and March Browns. Nymphing stoneflies or beadhead nymphs in size 12-18 or tossing streamers is your best bet.

GREYBULL / WOOD – Both are clear and very low. Midges, blue winged olives, stoneflies and beadhead nymphs in size 12-18. Streamers will also work.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Closed to fishing until Memorial Day Weekend 2023!

NEWTON LAKES – Both are open and East has been fishing well. Chironomids, scuds, beetles and leeches.

LUCE/HOGAN RESERVOIRS – Both are open and Luce has been fishing well. Chironomids, scuds, beetles and leeches.

SUNSHINE RESERVOIRS – Starting to see some open water on the edges but still mostly frozen.

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